Barbara Cawelius

Our Network partner: Allrounder with profundity – has committed herself to people’s growth…. using her charm, sensitivity and extensive experience.

Klaudia Grigoleit

Our Network partner: Combines determination and sensitivity – be it during her coaching, training or in a consultation.

Petra Köhler

Our Network partner: Resolves issues and problems on the spot, with a sense of humour, expertise and clear words.

Siracusa Gomez

Our Network partner: Spanish roots, international practical experience – complemented by a great sense of humour and optimism.

Annalena Harren

Our Network partner: Always contributes her cheerful mood – teamed up with professional PD expertise.

Martin Holfelder

Our Network partner: A professional who even in acute conflict situations never loses his calm.

Andrea Kolleker

Our Network partner: Is wholeheartedly committed to diagnostics – and to sustainable processes.

Oliver Kirchhof

Our Network partner: Is not only interested in granular details, but also in the bigger picture.

Markus Klemm

Our Network partner: As a person – calm and attentive. In his work – professional and committed.

Susanne Puls

Our Network partner: Keeps going with great kindness and perseverance to ensure that project results are not just promises.