We do what we can, and we master what we do

Our team – various experts, all pulling in the same direction, our team of partners, our trainer and coaching colleagues and our unshakable base camp that holds everything together.

One team, five distinct personalities.
We have learned to value each other’s differences and the resulting creative energy – even if this presents us with the occasional challenge. However, there’s no innovation without friction, and no development without adoption.
Dirk Gillmann, Regina Remy, Dr. Matthias Hendrichs, Hubert Sonntag, Ulrike Rösner
The team of partners at HATTINGER BÜRO GmbH
Partners, Trainers, Consultants, Coaches: The dynamic team of HATTINGER BÜRO comprises 30 members.
30 personalities who represent the core of our work, with their individual skills and a wide range of experiences and approaches – whether it is concept development, on-site consulting, coaching, training, or long-term process support.
Despite all of this diversity, we all have one thing in common:
A shared passion and responsibility for our professional work.
The colleagues at
You need…a contact person, a professional dialogue, advice on your current project, an appointment, or just a sympathetic listener?

You are always welcome to contact our reliable colleagues in the back office on site. They will take care of your request, find quick solutions, and stay on top of things – always with a smile.
Our unshakeable base camp
What connects us and holds us together?
Professional skills: know-how, expert consulting skills, innovation spirit, and the capacity to get things moving. These are our foundations.
Personal skills: a high level of integrity, common values and – last but not least – a good sense of humour. These are our strengths.
Barbara Cawelius

Allrounder with profundity – has committed herself to people’s growth…. using her charm, sensitivity and extensive experience.

Martin Drescher

Always there for us when IT issues bring us to the point of despair. And he shows never-ending patience and optimism.    

Katharina Voigt

Knows businesses from an internal and external perspective…and makes use of this experience in her current job as a consultant and trainer.

Dirk Gillmann

HATTINGER to the core – always finds a good balance between the rules and flexibility in his approach.

Siracusa Gomez

Spanish roots, international practical experience – complemented by a great sense of humour and optimism.

Klaudia Grigoleit

Combines determination and sensitivity – be it during her coaching, training or in a consultation.    

Annalena Harren

Always contributes her cheerful mood – teamed up with professional PD expertise.

Martin Holfelder

A real institution at HATTINGER who even in acute conflict situations never loses his calm.    

Oliver Kirchhof

Is not only interested in granular details, but also in the bigger picture.

Markus Klemm

As a person – calm and attentive. In his work – professional and committed.

Petra Köhler

Resolves issues and problems on the spot, with a sense of humour, expertise and clear words.

Andrea Kolleker

Is wholeheartedly committed to diagnostics – and to sustainable processes.

Tanja Köllner

There is strength in tranquillity – to that effect, she is firmly anchored in every hustle and bustle in the back office.

Beate Lobeck

Is the heart of the office and always stays on top of things.

Birgit Lutz

Always takes a close look to get just the right things moving.  

Gabriele Menken-Sichau

Her great passion and expertise: consultation and coaching.

Christiane Möller

Hands-on, pragmatic, with a sense of humour – be it in training or in consultation.

Britta Moskon

Passionate about people’s learning development – teamed up with deep knowledge and extensive experience.

Eckhard Münch

Tranquillity, clarity, deep knowledge and extensive experience – this is his professional foundation.

Susanne Puls

Keeps going with great kindness and perseverance to ensure that project results are not just promises.    

Regina Remy

HATTINGER member with deep diagnostic expertise, extensive experience in PE and a big heart.    

Ulrike Rösner

A HATTINGER member right from the start, who stays on course with calmness and optimism even in stormy weather.

Julia Sauterleute

Mit frischem Elan: bringt tatkräftige wie kreative Unterstützung in das Team.

Peter Schmies

Always applies a personal touch in his work by pointing out different perspectives.

Heiner Sonek

Travels with a large suitcase full of training knowledge and experience, combined with a fine sense of humour.

Hubert Sonntag

A HATTINGER member of the first hour who is always able to discover new things.    

Simone Spellerberg

Tackling things, getting down to them, persevering…all this in a good mood and, if necessary, with a soft punch.

Kristin Turck

Committed with heart and soul to people’s learning processes – combined with friendliness and optimism.  

Brigitte Voss

Manoeuvres with her French charm through all the back-office winds.

Sabine Weihe

Approaches clients and issues with the openness typical of Munich, deep expertise and extensive experience.    

Carolin Luyven

Brings freshness to our digital learning landscapes.

Marie Werkhausen

Watches our exciting work topics as a colleague of the next generation.  

Dirk Martin Wolters

With his clarity, patience and tranquillity, he gets people moving even in difficult situations.

Raphaela Yomha

Approaches issues and people with a remarkable light-heartedness and expertise… Where’s the problem?  

Nicole Zunhammer

Thanks to her optimism, Munich foresight and deep expertise, working with her is all the more fun.

Anja Wiebe

Combining her extensive leadership experience with strong consulting and training expertise. Friendly, empathic, goal oriented and hands-on.  

Erika Bezzo

Italian roots, a French family, a Spanish home and German clients…anything else you need to know?

Stefan Casalino

A HATTINGER founding member from the very start – and today? Extensive experience combined with an Italian temperament.

We are looking forward to your call or message.

We are looking forward to your call or message.