R&D collaborations

What really matters: cooperation in research & development

Research and development are expensive. It is crucial to know the right questions – and to ask them.

It’s easier to see the bigger picture from the outside: involve excellent universities and research institutes in your own R&D activities. You can use external expertise, save costs through public funding programs and at the same time attract qualified young talent to your company.

How we support you in building up your R&D cooperations in a targeted manner and thus increase your innovative strength:

  • We connect you with the best research institutions on exactly your topic.
  • We define suitable cooperation formats.
  • We take care of the corresponding funding – and we will take over the administrative handling for you.

At a glance:

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    Find the right experts for your topics and questions quickly
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    Work on complex issues together with external experts
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    Structure partnerships with excellent research institutions to suit your company
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    Build the best expert network for your topics
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    Bring yourself and your engineers quickly up to date with the latest technology and current research
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    Use the public funding programs by participating in publicly funded projects
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    Transfer the results from the projects consistently into your company

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