Competence and Performance Management

Successful development of the company always means the successful development of every single player, too.

The sustainable success of a company depends on a multitude of factors.
One essential factor are the company’s employees.

“Human capital” is increasingly becoming scarce, however, and the demands on the performance of companies and organisations are ever-increasing.

It is, therefore, essential

  • to have the “right” employees working in the “right” position
  • to establish transparent performance criteria
  • to steer this performance and development process with adequate leadership tools.


This is not complicated witchcraft.

However, it is only with consequence and consistency that success can be achieved in practice.

Let’s work together to get things moving!

Our activities – at a glance:

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    Measuring, developing, steering and compensating performance
  • null
    Feedback systems
  • null
    Leadership instruments
  • null
    Leadership development
  • null
    Structured competence management
  • null
    Identifying and promoting potential achievers
  • null
    Target-group-oriented training programmes
  • null
    Coaching/management consulting

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