Corporate Culture

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.” (J. M. Keynes)

Why do company mergers constantly fail to succeed? Why do reorganisation projects or other change projects fail to achieve their intended goals – despite well-developed concepts and the best of intentions?

Our answer: The reasons are the old established ways of doing things, the attitudes and habits of the people within the company. Not visible at first sight, not written down anywhere, and not identical for all areas. But mostly more powerful than any management bulletin or printed guidelines.

Corporate culture is one of the determining factors for a successful company development. It is the critical factor determining the actual as well as potential performance of a company – and its ability to quickly face up to new market requirements.

We offer you our expertise and our support to assist you in exploring your corporate culture. We help you to recognize, examine, and develop it. Systematically, inclusively and consistently.

Our offer – at a glance:

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    Learning culture – performance culture
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    Culture analysis – cultural mirror
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    Actively shaping the corporate culture
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    Intervention strategies: process design, activities and campaigns, responsibilities
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    Developing and implementing a mission statement

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