Innovation Management

As far as the future is concerned, it is not our job to foresee it,
but to make it possible. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The most important innovators in your company are: Your own employees! They are the ones who make progress possible: with their ideas and questions, their imagination and their potential.

Together with you and for you, we develop suitable concepts to support you in the development of long-term sustainable ideas and to make your company fit for the future.
Some Examples from our current practice:

  • I2M, innovation initiative for SME: a structured idea development process developed by usvfor the special needs of small and medium-sized businesses and has proven itself in practice: with tangible results.
  • Entrepreneur-Campus: a special development programme for top potential employees who work together with external specialists on new business ideas – with a high degree of personal responsibility for the learning process.
  • Virtual Think Tank: a multi-stage digital workshop process for a virtually connected work team that thinks in a concentrated way about new business opportunities.

Our activities – at a glance:

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    Specific trend analysis: What does your company really need?

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    Setting up an Innovation Campaign and developing ideas into marketable innovations

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    Embedding innovation activities in the corporate strategy and culture


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    RESOLYTICS® database: topic-specific selection and matching with excellent research institutions via our database

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    Initiation of cooperation and completion of the necessary formalities

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    Selection of the appropriate funding programmes and preparing the application process

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    Taking over the administration of the funded projects and the coordination with the funding agencies
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    Ensuring the transfer of all project results to your company

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