engl Förderinitiative Land NRW für Mittelstand (800 Mitarbeitende)

qualifying, motivating and engaging employees


Development Programme for Employees


Chemical distribution; approx. 1,600 employees at various locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Target group

Employees from all the corporate areas who were identified by their managers as talented employees


  • What can the company do to develop and retain dedicated young employees without the promise of a management career?
  • How can the development programme contribute to a targeted individual development of competencies and networking across sites and hierarchies?


Qualification programme including the following steps

  1. Discussion between each participant and their manager to develop targets that will be pursued during the programme course.
  2. Kick-off and closing event with participants, their managers, management board and HR
  3. Three learning modules on interdisciplinary key issues, project management and internal specialised topics
  4. “Fireplace evenings” with senior management on the relevant company issues
  5. Active handling of projects during the programme (presentation of the results to the management board)

Factors for success

  • Continuous commitment of HR
  • Active involvement of the management board
  • Permeability of the programme modules regarding the content

Duration of the project

Duration of the programme: 12 Months

Particular aspects during the course of the project

Even after seven cycles, this programme still has a high level of attractiveness and an excellent reputation in the company.


  • On the individual level: Enhancement of social, communicative and methodological skills, active network contacts, involvement in the organisation through the relevant project topics
  • At the company level: continuous dialogue between the employees and managers, strengthening of the cross-sector cooperation; professionalisation of the project management; a lateral career as an interesting development option for employees; increase of the employer attractiveness – retaining important specialists.

Particular aspect

International German Training Award (Internationaler Deutscher Trainingspreis) in 2013