Julia Bolz

There is strength in tranquillity – to that effect, she is firmly anchored in every hustle and bustle in the back office.

Christian Proft

Our expert on projects and professional in the field of diagnostics works with a very pragmatic approach and a good sprinkling of humour.

Stefan Brünn

Our expert on projects: A passionate trainer and consultant who puts his whole heart and profound knowledge into promoting learning and development.

Meinolf Bracht

Our expert on projects: An experienced diagnostician, who helps you find the right solution for any questions.

Dörthe Engelhardt

Our expert on projects: Is always focused, humorous and, if it fits, also unconventional.

Isabell Zieger

Our expert on projects: Appreciates factul analysis and connecting communication.

Michael Albrecht

Our expert on projects: Stands for successful projekct management: agile, classic or hybrid.

Corinna Kielwein

Our expert on projects: Always keeps the communicative overview, even when things get turbulent.

Raphaela Yomha

Our expert on projects: Approaches issues and people with a remarkable light-heartedness and expertise… Where’s the problem?

Dirk Martin Wolters

Our expert on projects: With his clarity, patience and tranquillity, he gets people moving even in difficult situations.