Company development

from the structuring phase to the clarification phase


Development of corporate guidelines


Services in the energy industry
Approx. 20 employees

Target group

Everyone – including the two founders


  • Organically grown structures without “guiding image” and without team guidelines
  • The team wants orientation (rules of cooperation)
  • The leadership tandem wants to impact the team with a clear distribution of roles and a confident self-image.


  • Several team workshops
  • Parallel individual and tandem coaching sessions for the company founders

Factors for success

  • Individuality of the measure
  • Permanent exchange between consultants and company founders
  • Orientation towards the current requirements (“breathing process”)

Duration of the project

9 months, a continuation is being planned (focus on values, brand essence)

Particular aspects during the course of the project

  • Adjustment of the working rhythms to the client
  • Redefinition of the original mission (“We want to understand leadership”…)


  • Development of a “workbook” for the team as a whole
  • Better interaction of the managers
  • Ultimately: a better focus on the target and results of the work