engl Kooperation & Kostenreduktion in Forschung & Entwicklung


Conflict mediation


Plant engineers
4,000 employees worldwide

Target group

2 executives in Germany, connected as interface partners


  • How can we restore the major process disturbances between the interfaces – along with personal feuds between the process partners – to a cooperative, appropriate and target-oriented communication after years of feud?


  • Mission clarification with the superior executives
  • Several preparatory meetings with the “protagonists”
  • Meeting with both protagonists and the mediator
  • Final meeting: both cooperation partners, their managers and the mediator

Factors for success

Diligent patient preparation in individual discussions in order to

  • Eliminate accusations, allegations, insinuations, etc.
  • Consistent focus on requests for future communication and cooperation

Diligent, patient and persevering negotiation of agreements

Duration of the project

6 months

Particular aspects during the course of the project

Organisational changes in the area of both partners have contributed to good cooperation in the future by reducing the interfacing areas.


  • Process safety: the partners are still not best friends, but cooperate again in the customers’ best interests.
  • Astonishment of the superior executives about the unanimously positive result in spite of the long-standing stalemate situation.