If the old patriarch leaves the boat…


Realignment of an organisation in times of major upheavals


Automotive (import and retail); approx. 1,000 employees

Target group

All executives (approx. 70)


After several decades of dominant leadership by a company patriarch, a new culture of responsibility and communication is to be developed…and this in a rapidly evolving market where strong, entrepreneurially-minded, opportunity-seeking and decision-oriented executives at every level are a vital asset…


  • Preparing for the patriarch’s retirement
  • Workshop at management level (“goals, strategy, milestones, etc.”)
  • Developing a leadership competency model and leadership principles
  • Various workshops with executives and different project groups
  • Qualification of leaders
  • Individual coaching
  • Creating and establishing an internal programme for junior talent
  • Implementing assessments of the potential of all executives
  • Implementing of recruitment ACs

Factors for success

Long-term cooperation that is truly objective- and strategy-focused and yet able to “breathe”

Duration of the project

Approx. 2 years

Particular aspects during the course of the project

The preparations for the retirement of the patriarch and his actual retirement were “two completely different worlds”. The preparations were rational, the reality after the retirement needed to be dealt with in a psycho-dynamic way.


Realignment of the organisation as a whole, including the integration of completely new concepts and changes in the automobile world (driverless driving, e-mobility, car sharing, etc.); managers and employees tackled these future-related in a goal-oriented and determined way.