Improving the management culture in a rather practical way


Development of a target-oriented management culture

Client (industry & size)

Manufacturing industry (steel processing), approx. 200 employees, 100% subsidiary of a German steel group

Target group

Complete management team: Management board, divisional managers, operations managers, heads of departments, foremen/master craftsmen
Works council is involved.
Approx. 35 persons


How can we achieve a professional management culture? No more finger pointing, a clear understanding of tasks, competencies and responsibilities, a higher degree of satisfaction in the management team and among employees – and last but not least, the future sustainability of the organisation


Start in October 2016 “Project Group TCRs” (tasks, competencies, responsibilities)
Sequential workshops (top-down) with executives to define the TCRs
Leadership training in professional communications (parallel)

Factors for success

  • Close exchange with management board
  • Co-leadership of the project by HB
  • Use of a consultant and a trainer (separate roles)
  • Capacity building, i.e. guidance for autonomous development

Duration of the project

15 months

Particular aspects during the course of the project

  • Growing independence of the customer to control the development process
  • and thereby to take responsibility for the next steps


  • Introduced rules to manage meetings
  • Defined tasks, competencies and responsibilities across the levels
  • …bottom line: a clearly defined leadership framework allows for effective collaboration and reduces friction loss.