Innovation, culture & competence

three steps to success


Assistance for the development of innovation management


Specialist mechanical engineering, plant engineering
Approx. 18,000 employees worldwide

Target group

Approx. 80 innovation coaches
Approx. 60 innovation managers or members of decision boards


  • How can a very technology-/engineering-focused culture be influenced internally and externally to enable a “new” openness for ideas and innovations?
  • Which structures and bodies can be implemented and in which way so that processes to generate and track ideas can be implemented sustainably? How can the process result in a larger quantity of marketable innovations than it does today?
  • How can we appropriately qualify “innovation coaches” and “innovation managers” to that end?
  • How can the organisation be appropriately infected with the “core and supporting behaviours”?


  • Customer consultation on the topic of “innovation structures”
  • Development and implementation of different training/educational concepts for the above target groups, among others

Factors for success

  • Executive board and subordinate panels of senior executives support the approach of a cultural change in a credible and sustainable way
  • Decision boards find a good balance between the search for opportunity and risk prevention and the pressure as a stock company to deliver quick successes. If risk prevention prevails, creative ideas hardly stand a chance, as they will be dropped at an early state of the decision-making process at an early stage due to “economic inefficiency”.

Duration of the project

2017 until…presumably 2019

Particular aspects during the course of the project

…Will be reported at a later time…


… We are looking forward to it, too…