Off the classical paths

innovative leadership development


Development programme “Talent Campus”


Division of an international technology group

Approx. 11,000 employees

Target group

High-potentials with a perspective of a senior management position

(approx. 10 persons)


  • How can we improve the retention of high-potential employees?
  • How can we close the foreseeable demographically caused gaps?
  • How can we appropriately encourage and develop these high potentials?


  • Development of a competency model
  • Criteria for the nomination process
  • Selection procedure: Assessment Centre decision conference, including training of internal observers;
  • Individual development plans for all the participants of the AC (including candidates who were not selected)
  • Core idea of the programme: no classical development programme, but working in the group on a fictitious new company
  • Participants work highly independently, get content-related input in eight individual “camps”, e.g. to generate ideas, regarding ethical principles, financing questions
  • Mentoring of the participants and the group

Factors for success

  • Close coordination with the client, including MB
  • Involvement of external subject specialists (for diagnostics, business plans, sustainability, creativity, innovation, ethics, etc.).
  • High degree of flexibility, to follow the course of the company foundation
  • Close coordination and agreement with the specialists

Duration of the project

3 years

Particular aspects during the course of the project



  • Highly targeted selection of candidates
  • Highly motivated participants (“this is pure appreciation”)
  • Higher retention of the participants to the company
  • Qualified preparation for the entrepreneurial (co-) responsibility
  • Horizons of expectations regarding control, leadership and responsibility within the company are clarified.