Strategy development is not just a management issue


Implementation of a strategy process


Research Management
Approx. 1,000 employees

Target group

Group leader and his subordinate team leaders 14 persons in total)


How can we create a more transparent resources and priority management?


  • Agreement on the essential clusters of the strategy process (based on the balanced scorecard) in cooperation with the higher-level manager of the GL
  • Every TL compiled their planned short- and medium-term activities.
  • GL aggregated these activities into potential group strategies.
  • In the WS, these group strategies were then discussed intensively. Objective: acceptance of the content and clear allocation of their own activities. In addition, the role of the team leader in tracking the derived team goals or activities is strengthened (consistent management).

Factors for success

  • No strategy process imposed top-down.
  • Strong focus on bottom-up orientation in the process because the employees work very independently in this expert organisation. The process is not designed as a straightjacket, but rather to enable an easier alignment and coordination of activities.
  • Good cooperation between management levels

Duration of the project

Preparation meetings and WS: 3 days in total
Duration of the process: approx. 4 months

Particular aspects during the course of the project

Punctual external monitoring; a lot of things will be prepared internally after the preparation meetings


In addition to the content results, a methodical professionalisation and a higher degree of co-responsibilities of the managers for the entire area was implemented.